Before the official launch ceremony of PADFA II by MINADER, the Project organized an impregnation workshop for its beneficiaries and partners.

In charge: the Regional Delegate for Agriculture and Rural Development with the obvious support of the entire Project team set around the National Coordinator.

The participants were representatives of all the cooperatives covered from the North and Far North Regions in addition to the groups who came to learn about the Project, meaning it was crowded to the point where the meeting room at the Hotel du Sahel quickly turned out to be too small.

In practice,  the workshop aimed to provide a thoroughly detail presentation of everything that makes the substance of PADFA II: legacy of phase I but also the specific features, the targets, the intervention strategy, the main activities to be carried out and their programming over the next 5 years, the modalities of eligibility for its support etc.

All this review was carried out, both by the Coordinator herself and by those responsible for the components of the Project.

In response, representatives of the cooperatives did not leave any concerns untold. One can therefore be reassured about the synergy between PADFA II and its partners — the beneficiary term needing, in the words of the Coordinator, “to be relegated to the past”. She also made an impression by hammering out: « PADFA II is everyone’s business, and will succeed thanks to everyone’s commitment« .

At the end of the workshop, some participants were able to give their feelings. Like Lambadet NASSON, the Chairperson of the Djalingo rice producers’ cooperative (Bénoué, North Region): « I am very happy with the presentation of PADFA II, all the expectations of our producers, their previous failures, etc. have been taken into account: therefore I am reassured, we will be fine. All our worries in production are now a thing of the past. The PADFA II has serious assets, in particular the National Coordinator, a formidable great lady, who always keeps her word. Our commitment is to take all this seriously, and to preserve the successive achievements will be our strength”.


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