PADFA II was officially launched on December 8th, 2020 in Maroua in the Far North, by Minister Gabriel MBAIROBE in charge of Agriculture and Rural Development.

The ceremony, which literally drowned the esplanade of the local Regional Delegation of MINADER with people, took place in the presence of all the main administrative and traditional authorities, in front of an assembly made up of representatives of practically every partner and beneficiary.

Several interventions marked the ceremony. First, that of PADFA National Coordinator Hélène Marigoh who presented the substance of the Project before introducing her complete team to the audience, then representatives of the collectives of producers of the onion and rice sectors respectively, who talked about their expectations of PADFA. Afetrwards came IFAD Country Programme Officer Caroline Onanina, who praised the excellence of Cameroon-IFAD cooperation, highlighting the case of PADFA.

Finally, the Minister: in a fifteen-minute-long solemn speech, he explained the ins and outs of PADFA II, while recommending both the Project team and its beneficiaries to do everything to ensure a harmonious and efficient implementationt. Mr. MBAIROBE concluded by expressing strong thanks to IFAD for its support.


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