As part of the preparation of the official PADFA II ceremony in Maroua, MINADER Gabriel MBAIROBE took to the field to visit some of the cooperatives benefiting from the Project. He was accompanied by a large and exceptional delegation including in addition to the Governor of the Region, IFAD representatives as well as the representatives of the administrations involved in rural development, and of course the National Coordinator of PADFA as well as the entire Project team.

At first, the Minister stopped in Gazawa (Diamare Division) to meet with the NGA ALLAH OKI group, the local onion producer cooperative. This meeting was held on the site of the community field and adjacent nurseries of the cooperative.

The host co-operative first made it a rare duty and pleasure, for the first time, to come to the MINADER: the PCA did not skimp to recall its implementation thanks to PADFA, the support they have received so far and the performance they have managed to achieve over the last 4 years that they are evolving in the project’s lap.

It turned out to be a golden opportunity for the cooperative, which got to list its difficulties and expectations in relation to PADFA II.

Afterwards, the Minister was able to appreciate the activity of the cooperative, on the vast plot freshly transplanted: thanks to the explanations of the members, he was able to appreciate their perfect mastery of the technical routes of their domain.

In the end, the MINADER did not fail to congratulate them on the work done, encouraging them to take full advantage of the real opportunities offered by the New Look Project, in addition to those they have already benefited in PADFA l, with the success noted.

The second leg of this field trip is Mokong (Mayo-Tsanaga), which is shorter but no less intense. The latter was devoted mainly to the visit of the onion storage store of the KAWTAL REMOBE TIGNERE cooperative, an infrastructure built by PADFA 3 years ago, and which the group has been making a particularly beneficial use of since then, according to the group’s president. At the same time, the MINADER went to the adjoining sales stand, to be presented with some products of the cooperative, including products other than onions. For the many co-operators who came to Mokong, Minister MBAIROBE thanked IFAD for financially supporting the emergence of  remarkably effective onion production and conservation. « I am happy with what I have seen, » he said after the visit.


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