After last September’s signing of the credit agreement between IFAD and the government, PADFA II is making its mark by holding the first session of its Steering Committee (Copil) on November 11, 2020 in Yaoundé.

This session was chaired by MINADER Mr. Gabriel MBAIROBE by virtue of his status of Chairman of the Committee, surrounded on the occasion by the SG of the Ministry and vice-president of aforementioned commitee, as well as IFAD Country Officer Ms. Caroline ONANINA.

All the statutory members of the Committee were brought together, namely representatives of the technical administrations and partner structures, the Technical Secretariat, as well as guests and the entire PADFA II team headed by National Coordinator Mrs. Marigoh Hélène.

By introducing the session, the latter also set about presenting the Project to all participants: its rationale, its objectives, targets and intervention methods, the state of its implementation to date, as well as its perspectives and challenges for the 2020 to 2021 period.

In reaction to this presentation and even before his special address, Minister MBAIROBE drew the attention of the members of the committee, along with PADFA officials, to a few points in the form of recommendations: the necessity to avoid overlaps with others. projects in the choice of production basins, a real effort to supply selected seeds to beneficiaries, and a particular emphasis on the storage, conservation and processing of products, for maximum impact of PADFA II on the field.

MINADER’s opening speech first consisted in specifying the main mission of the Steering Committee: to ensure the proper execution of the Project by defining its main orientations, and examining the various aspects of its administrative functioning, financial and accounting, with the possibility to make adjustments if deemed necessary.

Then, he doubled down on the very object of the day’s session: examination and approval of the AWPB (Annual Work Plan and Budget) as well as the PP (Procurement Plan) for the period covering October 2020 to December 2021, before declaring the session open.

Regarding the actual course of the session, PADFA officials had to present the elements mentioned by the Minister. Discussions between the participants followed, which gave rise to recommendations summarized by the technical secretariat.



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