The ceremony organized for the signature of PADFA II’s financing agreement gave rise to important statements from the main national stakeholders:

  • National Project Coordinator Mrs. MARIGOH Hélène Bouquet:This new funding will help boost the innovations implemented in the first phase, most notably the strengthening of what had already been achieved in rice and onion production, in terms of intensification and scaling; new intervention areas will also be added: there will therefore be more beneficiaries, and on the production side, added value in terms of quantity and quality. Production is expected to go from 27,000 t to 118,000 t of paddy in the near future, which will bring more than 80,000 t of milled rice to the market”.
  • MINEPAT Mr. Alamine OUSMANE MEY:rice is a speculation for which the actions of the Government must help to reduce or even eliminate imports. The existing local production capacity therefore deserves to be developed and exploited. This is why we have high hopes for the impact that this second phase of PADFA could have on rice and onion production”.

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