It is of the essence to inform all stakeholders in the implementation of PADFA II of what is in progress and what will follow in the near future, now that the Project is almost on the verge of launching its normal activities. That is the point of the technical launching workshop which was held at MINADER from September 23rd, 2020 lasting three days, under the moderation of IFAD Country Programme Officer Caroline Onanina and the National Coordinator.

With most of the meeting taking place remotely, COVID19 obliges, it was IFAD Country Director Mr. Hanafi Abdelhaq who first addressed the participants by video call: he took the time to do so, taking stock of the ins and outs of PADFA II, its objectives, its implementation strategy, before reminding: “the success of PADFA II will not depend solely on the means made available by IFAD, but above all the dynamism of all those responsible for its effective implementation in the field for the beneficiaries

MINADER Gabriel Mbairobe, also speaking by video call, insisted on the need for each participant, as far as he or she is concerned, to properly integrate the substance of this project, which he described as “particularly important for the Government”.

Representative of MINEPAT Guemaleu Guy Ronel clarified the main goal of the workshop, speaking on behalf of his minister: “it is a question of building the capacities of the actors, so that PADFA II can start at full speed in the coming days, especially since the project financing agreement will be signed in 2 days: we intend to ensure that all stakeholders already take ownership of the its implementation to ensure a smooth start to activities

National Coordinator Hélène Marigoh Bouquet agreed: “We intend to bring everyone up to speed on the modalities of the implementation of PADFA II. Particularly for new actors, we will improve their knowledge of the project’s procedures and regulations in force both on the part of the donor and the Government

In addition to the newly formed Project team, workshop participants are representatives of:

  • Ministries and national institutions directly involved in its implementation: MINADER (DEPC, DDA, DGRVC, DOPA, DRCQ, DESA, DRFD, Focal Points), MINEPAT, MINREX, MINCOMMERCE, MINFI, CAA, MINMAP
  • Multilateral partners: FAO, WFP, UNWomen, IRAD, ARC
  • Development projects and other implementing partners: RDCA-SAPEP, ANOR, SEMRY, PULCI, MEADEN, PLANOPAC, CNOPCAM
  • Beneficiary cooperatives

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