The on-field supervision mission in the West Region continues in Bafoussam, where it held a series of meetings on September 18th, 2020.

For starters, representatives of cooperatives as well as a rice seed producer from the North West were asked to take stock of the situation of local cooperatives, given the context of the crisis that we know. In general, the mission was sensitive to the courage of these cooperatives which, according to their respective balance sheets, have continued to work against all odds after PADFA l, and intend to take full advantage of the support provided by PADFA II, for which they also expressed a number of grievances of which the mission took note.

The Bassamba cooperative, specializing in the cultivation of rainfed rice, took over to remind in turn everything it received from the first Project, its activities and its functioning during the interim period, taking care to outline the difficulties they encountered during this interphase. Pressed by IFAD Experts, the representative of the cooperative was asked to discuss his group’s perspectives for 2021, before requesting specific support from PADFA II, particularly in terms of equipment.

Surprised guests namely the rice farmers of the SOCOOPRERIAK cooperative (Koutaba) and that of Baigom, whose delegations came to request his reintegration into the bosom of PADFA II, following the decision of IFAD and MINADER to no longer include the Noun Division groups in support of the Project for various reasons. In response, the MINADER representative in the mission team simply recommended that they approach MINADER for a possible follow-up to this problem.

OAP RDCA SAPEP, which provides local support to cooperatives in the North West and West, was also called upon through its representative, Mr. Mboh Michael. During the mission, the latter not only recalled the conceptual and technical-practical modalities of his work, but also spoke in detail of the actions carried out in the field here and there for 2 years, the successes observed and the difficulties encountered in all aspects. . Without forgetting the efforts made and the suggestions for adjusting the supervision and facilitation system for groups in the English-speaking area in the context of the current crisis, while waiting for the situation to normalize.
Finally, the mission moved to West Regional Delegation of Agriculture and Rural Development (DRADER), for a meeting with local MINADER stakeholders, particularly those from Regional quality control, rural engineering, Coop-GIC, etc.

The aim here was to take stock of the situation of the rice sector in the region, seen from the perspective of the Delegation. In this regard, the Regional Delegate has confirmed the good performance of these sectors. He reassured the mission of the availability of the decentralized technical services of the Delegation for the support and empowerment of farmers with the ultimate goal of of ensuring the sustainability and the perpetuation of the achievements that PADFA II will bring. However, the Regional Delegate pleaded for PADFA’s support to be extended to other production areas and even a reintegration, if possible, of the Noun cooperatives in the Project portfolio. The exchange on this subject, by which the meeting ended, resulted in the recommendation of a necessary rapprochement with MINADER, for a possible follow-up.


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