The residential workshop for updating the WABP and PP for the first 15 months of PADFA II ended in very high spirits in Kribi on July 10th, 2020.

Indeed, the least that can be said is that the four days of intense were extremely fruitful! That must be what the Director of Studies, Programmes and Cooperation M. MINDJOS of MINADER appreciated most, more so when the National Coordinator made it a point to present the results and targets of the Project covering the October 2020 to December 2021 period.

Mrs. Hélène Marigoh thus reviewed the assessment of the reflections of the 3 working groups dedicated to each of the components of PADFA II, namely main activities, schedules and necessary resources.

Concerning the budgeting of these activities, one figure has focused attention: CFAF 4,308,500,000 for the duration of the implementation of the WABP, almost half of which will be devoted to Component #1 (support for production), the most visible in terms of achievements and thus expectations.

It was however specified that the results of this WABP remain to be validated by the first meeting – to come – of the PADFA Steering Committee.

 In his closing remarks, the DSPC warmly congratulated, on behalf of MINADER, the workshop participants for the quality of their work: « You have reached the goals expected from this session« , he noted. However, after reiterating that the PADFA is a priority project of the government, he recommended the Project to get to the MINADER as soon as possible in order to address all the concerns and possible difficulties that can now complicate the concrete and rapid transition to the implementation of the WABP.


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