The modalities for the effective takeoff of PADFA II are becoming clearer and faster. July 7th, 2020 saw the launching of the very first WABP (Work and Annual Budget Programme) and PP (Procurement Plan) in Kribi, in order to prepare and plan the Project’s activities for the next 15 months (October 2020 to December 2021).

 Apart from the still limited PADFA team joined by the Technical Assistant who moderated the exchanges, the participants to this initial session – which is particularly important for obvious reasons – were mostly representatives of all Technical Departments and structures involved in the implementation and monitoring of PADFA II’s launch plan: MINADER, MINEPAT, ASF etc.

At the opening of the works, the National Coordinator and the Technical Assistant stated the particular importance of the WABP, presenting it as a dashboard and basis for the M&E and further indicating the activities to be carried out according to a corresponding timetable, the resources required, the possible risks and the means of mitigating them.

Subsequently and in practice, commissions set up for this purpose will focus first on the activities to be programmed per component and sub-component of the Project, then on the examination of the Procurement Plan, the budget and the cash flow plan (identification of contracts, methods, stages and procurement schedule).

Ultimately, the main resolutions and recommendations expected from the workshop should lead to the presentation of the roadmap for the beginnings of PADFA II.


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