The consultants responsible for producing the technical execution manuals for the PADFA II components were on duty this Monday, July 6th, 2020 in the Project premises, around the National Coordinator Mrs. Marigoh.

The session, moderated by Mr. Ayong Engille, Technical Assistant for the PADFA II takeoff. As well, one Consultant, Mr. Manga Minka,  even participated via visioconference from abroad: this means everyone contributed. The objective ? This meeting aimed to make a first summary on the progress of consultants’ duties.

So far, these consultants have indeed carried out a documentary review on the Project and have been on site to meet and exchange with PADFA partners. Today’s session therefore aimed to present the analysis of the data collected.

In practice, each of the consultants reviewed the activities listed within the manual (production, conservation, marketing components, etc.), according to PADFA II’s goals as listed in the Project Design Document, with the main aim to propose action priorities taking into account real-life specificities.

However, this is only an initial examination: a workshop is planned within ten days in order to refine these proposals, which should lead to the design of a revised and more complete document.



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