From July 20 to 27, 2019, IFAD’s (International Fund for Agricultural Development) Executive Board will visit Cameroon. This is part of the Fund’s policy: to visit the countries where it intervenes and to absorb the realities and the impact of the actions it finances, through the achievements of its programmes and projects. It is the first time that Cameroon will host such a visit, and it will be an opportunity for the country to position itself in relation to IFAD’s interventions.

With regard to PADFA especially, the arrival of the Board of Directors in Cameroon is really important, as the National Coordinator of the Project Marigoh Hélène already points out: « It must be remembered that this Board of Directors must make a decision on PADFA II in December, notably on the Project design document. Since it highlights the achievements of the first phase and the effects it has produced on the rural populations, it will be an opportunity for the members of the Board to see it all for themselves and to interact directly with the beneficiaries in order to appreciate the challenges to be met, and possibly to give guidance on the prospects of PADFA II« .

On-site activities are scheduled, notably  the visit in the West Region on July 24, 2019: the IFAD delegation will first go to Goundup by Koutaba for a visit to SOCOOPRIAK COOP-CA the local cooperative of rice producers accompanied by the Project, with a presentation of cultivated plots and a working session with the cooperative. Then, they will head to Bandounga (via Tonga), and follow an identical schedule with the RITO COOP-CA.


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