The trend in the rice market continues in the North and the Far North in terms of price, as far as the cooperative accompanied by PADFA are concerned. Two of them illustrate this: at the SoCoopCa in Gawar (Mayo-Tsanaga, district of Mokolo), each 90 kg bag of paddy rice is asks around 15 000 XAF, whereas that of 80 kg oscillates between 12 000 and 13 000 XAF in the North, in cooperatives like Tamoude’s and Djalingo’s (3rd district of Garoua). Good news for potential buyers: this paddy is currently available in large quantities. In Djalingo alone, 300 bags are waiting, and it can be assumed that other warehouses around this area have similar stocks.

The same can not be said for the nerica 3 white rice stocks. In almost every warehouse, the tonnage of said breed is relatively modest. Djalingo, for example, « only » offers 8 tons, while the Gawar Cooperative admits to « not having much rice ». Surprisingly enough, the price of the nerica 3 white rice remains unchanged: 400 XAF per kilo, which is cheap for a commodity whose taste wins over even the most demanding gourmets of all Cameroon, unlike imported bulk!


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