NGUNG AKU Georges, President, Bu Rice Cooperative

« We’ve been working following the principles and rules of PADFA. And as a visible result, we were able to sponsor our delegation for the trip to Bangangte ourselves, so as to present our excellent rice products to the new Minister of Agriculture. Surely that’s an indication that we are doing very well since the Project departed more than 1 year ago »

« In fact, the tools and facilities granted to us by PADFA made the cooperative sustainable. We have been able to carry our activities very well so far. I can assure that there has been a serious increase in the production of rice this year, even if the right figures of the quantity harvested are still to be gathered. Anyway we are really on the good foot »

« As far as the situation everybody deplores in the NW, we count ourselves blessed, because our area of operation is not at all touched : thank God we’ve been running our business normally »

« With the previous PADFA, a lot was still to be done, namely feasibility studies for the development of the valley, the construction of an irrigation development scheme, like those some other cooperatives have already benefited. We also need our plowing and tilling machineries to be improved, and last but not least, we need a functional road to be dug up »

« The cooperative as well as the whole community of Bu are very pleased with the imminent return of PADFA in the area, and we pray for the success of this 2nd phase, and even for a 3rd on, why not ? ».


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