WANKI TANG Philip,  Secretary, Agulli Rice Cooperative

« We made good use of the knowledge imparted by PADFA before the end of its activities and performed very well. For example, I myself collected 63 (rice) bags this year, compared to the 33 I harvested last year, and we saw the same trend with other members of the cooperative. We had so much rice that the warehouse overflowed, to the point that some are forced to keep their stocks in their homes! This is proof that everything is going well in Agulli »

« The turmoil in our area affected us, of course, but to a certain extent : when rumor had it that soldiers would come and shoot down everyone they saw, we fled the fields to take refuge in the bush. As it turns out, nothing happened and we were able to peacefully resume our jobs. Had it not been for that drawback, we would have done some great things. »

« We are waiting impatiently for PADFA ll to add to the knowledge we have already been given. Our ultimate goal is to become self-reliant with a sustainable cooperative by the time the Project is finally gone. As for the needs, apart from a larger warehouse, we need to develop 356 ha of land, acquire a more powerful power tiller, and a huller that could handle our abundant production »

« We wish PADFA a long life ! Not only that, but we also wish for their speedy return. Times are tough in the North West, but we hope that everything will soon be in order, and that the Project will be back at our side in Agulli »


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